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Hatala Sisters Shoot

Hatala Sisters Shoot

We had the amazing pleasure of shooting the Hatala Sisters in our latest shoot campaign.

Fresh from the Ellen Show and the World of Dance with Josh Beauchamp; Taylor and Reese visited us here in LA for an exciting new shoot to release our new collection!


Reese Hatala

Taylor HatalaTaylor Hatala

The Dam

The Dam

We headed out to the Sepulveda Dam for another incredible IMMA Photoshoot.

This time with Dancers;
- Will Da Beast
- Janelle Ginestra
- Julian De Guzman
- China Taylor

Our photographer Kyle got some absolute fire!

Will Da Beast

Julian DeGuzman

Will and China

China Taylor

New Equality Pant

New Equality Pant

We are so proud to finally announce our Equality Pant line. 

As an organisation, equality of all forms is something incredibly close to our heart.
We are all one. We are all equal. We all have the right to stand proud and say "IMMABEAST".

Our Apparel scratches just the surface, but this movement is so much more than any few individuals. This movement is open to all. 

Downtown LA

Downtown LA

We decided to start 2018 with a IMMABEAST Apparel Over Haul.

What does this mean? 
- This means that we wanted to bring a completed new and fresh range of designs, lines, and clothing options to the IMMABEAST family across the globe.

We celebrated these unique launches we a hype Dance Inspired Photoshoot.