Hatala Sisters Shoot

Hatala Sisters Shoot

We had the amazing pleasure of shooting the Hatala Sisters in our latest shoot campaign.

Fresh from the Ellen Show and the World of Dance with Josh Beauchamp; Taylor and Reese visited us here in LA for an exciting new shoot to release our new collection!


Reese Hatala

Taylor HatalaTaylor Hatala

Jade 2.0 Collection

Jade 2.0 Collection

The Jade 2.0 Collection is LIVE and available here.


Jade 02

Jade 03

IMMABEAST Vol 2 Crop Hoodie

IMMABEAST Vol 2 Crop Hoodie

The IMMABEAST Vol.2 Crop Hoodies are live!

Custom cut by our in house designer, these Crop Hoodies look amazing!

Crop Hoodie

The IMMABEAST motto stays strong on the back and the cut drops perfectly under the test.

These are comfortable, stylish and super cool especially when dancing in.
- Perfect for Dance or Casual wear

Click here to check them in the store. IMMABEAST Crop Hoodie.

Custom 1 OAK

Custom 1 OAK

IMMABEAST Apparel has become known for it's creativity and innovation.

The IMMABEAST Limited Edition 1 Oak line dropped in 2017 and it was a raging success. We saw IMMAFam posting videos and images to their Instagrams and tagging @IMMA.APPAREL for months.

The beauty of the 1 Oak Dance Sweaters is that each and everyone is 100% unique.

And we are excited to announce. They are back! Better Than Ever!

The Pink and Black IMMABEAST Vol.2 1 OAK hoodies have had the incredible touch of our in house designer Alex and they are looking INSANE!!!!!


New Equality Pant

New Equality Pant

We are so proud to finally announce our Equality Pant line. 

As an organisation, equality of all forms is something incredibly close to our heart.
We are all one. We are all equal. We all have the right to stand proud and say "IMMABEAST".

Our Apparel scratches just the surface, but this movement is so much more than any few individuals. This movement is open to all.